CITHA is the umbrella organisation of European foreign trade and is based in Brussels. It represents the interests of the industry in the European Union vis-à-vis politicians, authorities, the media and civil society.

  • Empowering International Trade

    CITHA’s services include coordinating international trade entities, supporting member associations, defending global traders’ interests, addressing trade barriers, promoting international trade services, advocating for free trade, and representing member interests to political stakeholders.

  • Key Functions for Success

    CITHA provides functions, tailored to aid SMEs, which encompass marketing strategies that consider local idiosyncrasies, navigating complex logistics and paperwork, optimizing transportation methods, addressing financial challenges in international trade, and emphasizing the importance of understanding and adapting to regional customs and client mentalities.

European Confederation of International Trading Houses Associations

In 1956 a small group of International Trading Houses (ITH) in Scandinavia took the initiative of gathering once a year in order to exchange information on the issues of their activities abroad and decide on steps to be taken jointly when unfair measures or decrees by foreign Governments were causing them prejudice. This group was then called the Stockholm Club, which was soon joined by German and Dutch establishments specializing in international and overseas trade.

In 1971 during the annual meeting in Milan (the club had grown to 10 members) the founding of a formal body was decided with own statutes and an adequate denomination. There CITHA – the Confederation of International Trading Houses Associations – was born as an umbrella organization of the various national associations being its members.

Today CITHA has 9 Regular and affiliated members viz. Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom. In 2005 CITHA slightly changed its name into European Confederation of International Trading Houses Associations and became an NGO registered in Brussels by decree of the Ministry of Justice and as such is recognized by important international institutions like the World Bank, IMF, UNCTAD, OECD, WTO, EU Commission, etc.