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  • Coordination Hub

    We bring together associations, companies, and individuals involved in international trade, fostering collaboration and synergy for enhanced opportunities.

  • Advocacy & Support

    Our mission involves backing member associations’ initiatives by advocating for favorable regulations and resolutions that pave the way for smoother export-import activities, ensuring a conducive environment for free trade.

  • Global Representation

    We stand firm as the defenders of international traders’ interests on a global scale. We voice your concerns and viewpoints to national, foreign authorities, and international institutions, ensuring your perspectives are heard and respected.

  • Barrier Breakers

    Tackling barriers, whether tariff-related or not, is our expertise. We work tirelessly to dismantle obstacles hindering the free flow of goods and services across borders.

  • Promoting Excellence

    We’re dedicated to promoting and fortifying services in international trade, enabling businesses to thrive and excel on the world stage.

  • Champions of Free Trade

    Our commitment lies in promoting free trade as a catalyst for a prosperous business environment. We believe in fostering growth opportunities for all.

  • Political Engagement

    We engage with key political stakeholders, serving as a powerful voice representing the collective interests of our esteemed members.

Functions especially for the benefit of SMEs

  • Marketing

    Making the product of the manufacturer marketable heeding the idiosyncrasies of the country you are selling to i.e. packing, labelling, etc. (especially overseas)

  • Logistics

    The paper work both export- and import-wise is substantial. In developing countries the red tape can be quite complex. Obtaining all necessary permits and licences are intricate formalities, so is the matter of pre-shipment inspection.

  • Transport

    Handling inbound and outbound shipping is a science on its own. FOB/CIF calculations vary from port to port. For short hauls the choice of allotment to rail, road and inland waterways is equally important.

  • Finance

    Both in import and export business from and to overseas countries financial engineering matters a great deal. SMEs generally do not have the means to finance the process of manufacturing and/or distribution that stretches over several months.

  • Human Resources

    A few years ago a book written by McCormack with the title “What you have not been taught at Harvard Business School” makes the point: not only is it important to speak the language of the client but still better to comprehend his mentality thus being able to blend into the regional customs and requirements.

This will show that the small or medium size manufacturer or industrialist who has to concentrate on the production of his goods cannot afford the time consuming formalities connected with overseas trade and its financial implications. The ITHs are there to provide for efficient assistance.

Of course, the important question is how to select the appropriate trading house because there are many kinds of ITHs. The important ones fall into two categories: they either specialise geographically or product wise:

  • Established settlements

    • Active in various regions of the Globe
    • Knowledge in multitude of markets
  • ITH product specialist

    • Skilled staff in activity fields such as machinery, capital and consumer goods, IT hard and software, etc